What cultural considerations should I know about?

Photography of government buildings, military institutions and installations and all oil and gas refineries is strictly prohibited Littering is a punishable offence and offenders may face penalties in the form of fines Please refrain from smoking indoors and inside public areas Always ask permission before taking pictures of Emiratis Avoid taking photographs of ladies dressed in traditional attire As a mark of respect for local customs, please avoid public displays of affection The UAE has a reasonably relaxed dress code, but it is an Islamic country and modest clothing is recommended, particularly in shopping malls, souks, rural areas and during visits to mosques or places of worship. For ladies, shoulders and knees should be covered. Clothing should not be transparent, tight or revealing. Gentlemen should opt for long shorts and shirts. Beachwear is acceptable at beach clubs, in the hotel, at the pool or on the beach except in Sharjah and Khor Fakkan.